Manufacturing Facilities


GAZAB operates three fabrication facilities in Iran. GAZAB SHIR is one of our equiped factories that comprise over 30,000 square feet specialized in the manufacturing of instrumentation valves and fittings.

The flexibility of these three facilities, coupled with in-house logistical operations, enable us to meet any project requirements, regardless of complexity, size or location.

The presence of the name of GAZAB as manufacturer in different AVLs verify our abilities to provide satisfactory products under effective production, inspection controls and tests in accordance with National and International standards.

.In short, we pride ourselves in the quality of each item we manufacture


We possess the manufacturing capability in the production of a wide range of Butt weld fittings, Forged Fittings, Pipe Nipples, Ductile Cast Iron Fittings, High Pressure Tube Fittings, Split Tees and Flanges.

Fittings and Flanges are manufactured in accordance with national and international product standards, while we can also produce fittings and flanges as per Special Threads and specifications based on customer request.

We have specialized manufacturing facilities and equipment in production of Meter Stop Valve, Tee Services, Ball Valves and Needle Valves in small sizes.

We welcome your questions that you may have, and look forward to a long professional relationship.

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